martes, 26 de abril de 2016


Hey everyone! lately, I've been using my free time to make embellishments and I love it, I'm getting more creative and I'm learning new tecniques.  This time I took out my Fuse Tool by WRMK to make this shaped shaker embellishments.

At first I thought it would be difficult in the rounded lines, but it was quite easy, I just cut the figures and then used my Fuse Tool to seal it.

I have completed 2 years of Project Life and right now I'm still working on  2015, which will be my third complete album, all of them are 12 x 12'', but I like to put inserts or mix different sizes, that's the reason sometimes I cut my page protectors into a smaller size, and using what is left I made this fun embellishments.

I used sequins, tiny stars, and beads to fill my figures, definitely I will save the Little pieces of page protectors to make more of these.  I'm very simple in my layouts, but I like to put a statement embellishment to highlight my pages, and these embellishments definitely does that.

So, don't forget to save the pieces of page protectors you've cut to re-use it in your handmade embellishments.

Thanks for stopping by! :)