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¡¡Hola, Hola!!
Al fin un post en español =) y claro es porque hoy estoy de visita en el blog de Project Life Café, gracias a que gané el sketch mensual de Abril, en el cual participé con estas dos tarjetas, les dejó AQUÍ el link para que visiten el post original:

La verdad muchas gracias a todas las que me visitan desde Project Life Café, un gustazo tenerlas por aquí.


sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

Layout: Pink Everywhere

¡Hey you all! May is almost gone, so I’m getting a little bit desperate to finish my 2015 project life album, the thing is that I work 9 and a half hours per day, that’s why sometimes is difficult to find time to scrap, because I have other activities and I also have to go out hahahaha. The stressful part is because I’ve started to plan my boyfriend’s project life album, and I’m a little concerned because I don’t know if I will finish the album on time for our first anniversary.

Well, today I wanted to share with you my second layout of November 2015, I don’t use pink very often, neither in scrapbook nor in my life, but I don’t know why I was waiting to use it into a layout.

Photos from this layout are from a friends wedding where I had a great time, last year was full of weddings, I love the but the only problem is that I never know what to wear (like any other woman in the whole world)

I’ve used  this Dear Lizzy Chipboard, loved the colors and very appropriate with the right photo.

I didn’t want to put a lot of things on this card (From Studio Calico), because I love the watercolor effect.

Hope you have enjoyed and thanks for stopping by.


jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

How to start a Project Life album (Step by step - Part 1)

¡Hello everybody! I’m close to finish my 2015 Project Life Album (already in November Woohoo), so it’s time to plan my next Project, I’ve decided to document the whole process right here, maybe it will inspire some new Project Lifers to start their own album.  When I was starting with Project Life, I didn’t know anything and I was so confused cause all of the things I saw on internet.

Before Project Life, I’d never done scrapbooking and today I’ve made 3 full albums, so I have my own tips and tricks to keep me in track, which I want to share with you, the most important one is that in Project Life there are no rules, well the only one is to have fun while doing it, but that’s simple!

My fourth album will be a gift for my boyfriend, due to our first anniversary together. I’ve never done an album as a gift, the fun part is that my boyfriend doesn’t even know that I do Project Life (I’m sure he doesn’t know what Project Life is, hahahaha), every time he asks me “what are you doing?” I answer “a surprise”, so he stops asking questions and just laugh. 
Before starting, it’s important for me to say, that these steps are how I make my albums, I don’t know if there’s a correct way to start a Project Life album, but this way has been functional for me in my past projects. 

STEP 1. Planning

First things first right? So every time I start a project, I plan and see what I have to start it, define what I want and my motivation.  For this specifically project I want a chronological album from the first date my boyfriend and I had to our anniversary, something like a journal of our year together. I don’t have lots of photos, so I’ve decided that I will tell the story in those cases; of course my motivation is that I want to surprise him, as I said, he doesn’t know I do project life and of course he doesn’t know anything about this blog, believe me, this has been soooooo difficult, sometimes I’ve been close to tell him, because I don´t like to keep secrets, but this is for a good cause, right?.  It will be fun when he reads these posts.

STEP 2. Choosing sizes

As I’ve said, I don´t have pictures for everything but I’m going to journal what I think was important for us, so I think a 12 x 12’’ album is too big for this project, that’s why this time I’ve decided for a 9 x 12’’ from Studio Calico; I’ve already ordered and the page protectors too. I chose blue because it’s my favorite color and I think he’s also going to like it.

 Well, those are my first steps for project life for beginners , I’m going to be posting the other steps as I move forward with this project, so stay tune. Next time I will be taking about how I organize my photos and journaling, and how I print them. 

Please let me know if you have any comment and thanks for stopping by. 


martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

My first Scrapbooking Layout ever

¡Hey everyone! You all know I love Project Life, but today it was time to try something different so I’ve made my first scrapbooking layout, that I’m going to include in my Project Life album as an insert.

What inspires me was the beautiful picture of me and my boyfriend at a baseball game, thought it was such a cute picture that deserves to be alone.

I’ve decided to use one of my 8.5 x 11’’, because otherwise I was never going to use that size, and I have a few of those page protectors, so I’ve used a polka dot paper from The Hip Kit Club, then I layered my photo over different papers.

I tried to keep it simple, was my first scrapbooking layout and I was a little afraid of how everything was going to turn out. At the end, I’ve loved the result and it was very fun create it, definitely I will be making more scrapbooking inserts for my Project Life Albums. 

I’ve mostly used embellishments from the kits I bought on the NSD Sale from The Hip Kit Club, also from last year's kits from Studio Calico.

Loved these thickers by Dear Lizzy, I love gold, so they’re perfect for me!

So, what do you think of my first attempt to make traditional scrapbooking?

Hope you have enjoyed it.


domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

My Ali Edwards Prize

¡Hello everyone! hope you’re having an amazing weekend, I’ve been a little busy because my brother and his family are in town for the weekend and my three nephews consumes all the time from our family.  So, I haven’t had time to play with my Kits from The Hip Kit Club at all, and yesterday the prize I won from Ali Edwards arrived.
It’s the May Documenter Kit from Studio  Calico, I was so happy for winning this, because I’m not a subscriber from Studio Calico anymore, and I loved this kit immediately after I’d  seen it, but it’s too expensive for me, so it was a great surprise when I knew I won.

 Ali Edwards designed beautiful cards for this kit, so she gave one away thru instagram and I was the lucky winner #YAY


From this kit, I also loved the Well Red mini mist and those #hashtag wood veneer are just gorgeous.
Thanks to Ali Edwards for this prize it came fast and in good conditions ;) I promise I’ll give a good use to everything

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

NSD Haul: Hip Kit Club

¡Hey girls!, I’m so excited for this post. Yesterday I received my first purchase from The Hip Kit Club, I got pretty good deals on their National Scrapbooking Day Sale and bought 3 embellishment Kit and the December Documented 2015 Kit.
Definitely, I’m going to buy more from this Kit Club, it has great products, but what I love the most, is that they gave you the whole package of everything.  In others subscriptions or Kit Clubs you only get a part of the product.
As I need to grow my stash, I bought these 3 embellishments kits:



And the December Documented 2015 Kit:

Thanks to everybody from The Hip Kit Club, I promise I’ll give a great use to everything I got.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

Layout: November #YAY

¡Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be finally in November of my 2015 Project Life!, Loving how is turning out, I’m keeping it simple but still is very cute.  Don’t know why, but I don’t have many photos from November and December 2015 =/
I wanted to put some pink on my November layouts, but when I was doing this page, I forgot about it!!!, so I’ve used lime (because of that November card from Studio Calico), I’m pretty happy with the result and had so much fun creating this cluster.

 We were celebrating my cousin’s college graduation, it was a cool weekend with my mom and aunties.  Lately, I’ve been using a lot of lime and love how it looks with gold, black & white, if you see my other layouts, I almost always use gold & white.
On this card, I put a wood veneer rose I got in one of the Take 10 Kits with some black enamel dots from Studio Calico, very simple.

 I used this card because says something about “home” and my mom is home for me, so I considered appropriate.
Another thing I loved from this layout is that I used a card from the first and only core kit I’ve  bought, “Favorite Things” by Heidi Swapp, I don’t think I will buy another one again, I get tired of the same cards so I rather to subscribe to monthly kits. Recently I’ve cancelled my Studio Calico Subscription, too expensive and I stoped loving their products.
Thanks for stopping by.

martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

How I print my photos

Hello everyone, it’s been a while but I’m back!, I’ve been thinking a lot of if I should write this post or not, because I know many of you use the same printing option, but for me it’s important to share the way I do it or maybe some tips and tricks I’ve learned.

For me, the best option to keep my Project Life up to date (almost), is to print all the photos at home, that’s the reason last year I bought a Canon Selphy CP910, it’s so easy to use and very functional because of its size, it´s perfect to print 4 x 6’’ photos and you can do it directly and wirelessly from your iPhone.

The ink includes the paper set, which allows you to print 108 photos (4x 6’’).  Each set includes 3 inks (36 photos with each one = 108 photos) and 6 paper sets (2 per ink), *TRY TO PRINT THE 36 PHOTOS FROM AN INK AT THE SAME TIME, OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE SOME INK*

 I use an app called “Pic Stitch” to create collages and print 3 x 4’’ photos. When I first bought my Canon Selphy, I used to print 2 x 2’’ photos (6 in a sheet), but I don’t do it anymore, because the process of creating a layout takes me more time and the main reason of my project life is to see the photos, you can’t do it if they’re too small, so now, I only print 4 x 6’’ or 3 x 4’’.

The Canon Selphy is perfect when you’re travelling and want to take advantage of your time at the hotel before going to sleep.

All the photos I use for my Project Life are taken with my iPhone, so it’s easy for me to edit them or put two 3 x 4’’ in a 4 x 6’’, when I have a decent amount of photos (at least 36), I print them.

Lately, I’ve been reading about the Canon Selphy’s quality, I know is not perfect, but it doesn’t bothers me at all, so I’m sticking to it.

Thanks for stopping by.


jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

Layout: Costume Party!

Hey girls!, another page done of my 2015 Project Life Album, so happy for that, two more months to go and I will have 3 full years of my life documented, how cool is that!!!?

This is my last Project Life layout from October, I still have to make a 8.5 x 11'' full page insert, but I'm waiting for my Studio Calico kit to arrive, I need those beautiful papers; meanwhile I'm going to start with November #YAY

I tried to make this layout fun because of our costume halloween party, so I even used a zebra card and a 3D sticker of a donkey piñata.

On this card I used ephemera I've created with clear stickers (click here to see the post).  I'm loving this ephemera right now, it's so much easier to use my clear stickers this way.

This donkey has been in my stash for a while so it was time to use it.
Another piece of my handmade ephemera, a green frame for a zebra, probably my favorite card.
I've used a clear sticker on this card, it looks pretty good because of the light background.
That's it for today, thanks for stopping by


martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

DIY: Ephemera with clear stickers

Hello everyone! How was your (inter) National Scrapbooking Day?, mine was very busy with family events, so I didn't have time to scrap at all, but today I'm back.  I saw a video of Ashley Laura on YouTube, of how she made ephemere using clear stickers, and it has solved one of my problems, because when I try to use my clear stickers, they just don't look good over the cards or they get lost in the pattern of the card.

I used some stickers from the collection "Rise and Shine" by Ami Tangerine, that has been a while on my stash, so I've decided to give them a better use.

You just have to put your clear stickers over white cardstock and then cut the pieces, you can do it with punches or scissors, like I did.

Definitely I'll be using this ephemera in my following layouts, they're so cute and you can layered them up.

Thanks for stopping by..


viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016


¡Hello everyone! I've loved this challenge from Paper Issues for so long, but it wasn’t until today that I’ve decided to participate, the truth is that I’ve loved it even more!, it’s so much fun and easy to play a long, so definitely I will be playing along in the following months.

I decided to make one of my Project Life layouts using the items Mary Ann fromPaper Issues gave us, the difficult part is that I couldn’t decide which items I was going to use, so I’ve used more than 5.
I made a 9 x 12’’ layout from my boyfriend’s birthday celebration, the photos are dark so they were perfect to use with a grey-black color scheme.

Another item I chose from the list, was the ampersand, literally I went crazy with this one and used it 3 times!

On this card I used a chipboard frame, double points for that, right? Hahahaha!!

I’ve used this card as my title one, so simple and neat, just put half of a gray circle on the top.

Then, probably my favorite, the flair button, I have a thing with flairs lately and this one was perfect for the picture.

On this card I’ve put silver thickers with the age my boyfriend was turning out, but the best part is that the card has circles.

Lastly, I’ve put a chipboard in this card along with my journaling (which by the way has the date written) and thread.  I’ve used more than 3 cards, so that counts as 3 different papers for me :)

Thus, if I’m right, I’ve used 12 of the 15 items Mary Ann gave us, think that’s enough for my first participation on this challenge.
Thanks to Paper Issues and Mary Ann for this fun challenge, veryy inspiring!


jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016


Hi girls!, it's almost (inter)National Scrapbooking Day and I can't stop making layouts or embellishments hahahaha!, we definely need a Scrapbooking week, not only a day!..  Today I've made frames using toothpicks, super fun, easy and cheap, you only need cardboard, toothpicks, a glue gun, scissors, something to cut the cardboard and optional, embellishments to decorate the frames.
The first thing I did, was to cut squares, then I cut a smaller square inside the first one, it doesn't have to be perfect.  My squares are for 2 x 2'' pictures, but you can make them any size you like.  After, I've used my glue gun to paste the toothpicks in opposite sides of the squares, then, you need the measure the space between them and cut the toothpicks thtat size.

Hola!, ya casi es el (inter) Nacional Día del Scrapbook por lo que no puedo parar de hacer layouts o adornitos :P.. deberíamos de tener una semana de Scrapbook y no solo un día!.  Hoy les dejo unos marcos que hice usando palillos de dientes, es muy fácil y lo mejor es que es barato; solo necesitan cartón, palillos de dientes, una pistola de silicón o pegamento muy resistente, algo para cortar el cartón, tijeras y opcional, los adornitos que quieran poner en los marcos.
Lo primero que hice fue cortar cuadros y luego, dentro de el, corté otro cuadro, no necesitan ser perfectos porque la mayoría se cubrirá por los palillos, así que no se preocupen.  Los marcos que hice tienen un tamaño interno para fotos 2 x 2'', pero se pueden hacer de cualquier tamaño. Después pegué los palillos completos en lados opuestos de los marcos, medí el espacio que quedaba entre ellos y corte y pegué palillos de ese tamaño.

The squares have to look something like this: 
Los cuadros tienen que lucir algo como así:

After that, use your creativity to decorate them, you can use anything but I recommend you flat embellishments, with the cardboard and the toothpicks you will have enough dimenssion.
Ya solo queda que usen su creatividad para decorar los marquitos, pueden usar lo que sea pero les recomiendo que usen adornos planos, ya tendrán suficiente dimensión con los palillos de dientes y el cartón.

They're so easy to make and will look very pretty on your projects, tag me on instagram if you make some.
Etiquétenme en Instagram si se animan a hacer estos marquitos, son muy fácil y se verán lindos en sus projectos.

See you next time.
Hasta la próxima.


martes, 3 de mayo de 2016


Hey everyone!, as I have said, I've been very inspired lately, maybe for of all the beautiful things I've seen in honor of the (inter)National Scrapbook Day, I'm planing to buy some things to grow my stash, I've been saving money for this special day, so I hope to find pretty good deals.
Today I wanted to share side B of the 6 x 12’’ insert I’ve made for October 2015, we were celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, so I bought him a chocolate cake with strawberrys and then we went to the baseball game, it was Wednesday, so we saved the party for Saturday.

Holaaa!, como les he dicho, últimamente me he sentido muy inspirada, probablemente es por la fiebre del Día (inter)Nacional del Scrapbook, estoy planeando comprarme algunas cositas, ya ven que eso de comprar material de Scrapbook o Project Life es adictivo. Espero encontrar buenas ofertas, ya que he ahorrado un poco de dinero para este día.
Hoy les quiero compartir el lado B de mi funda 6 x 12’’ que hice para Octubre del 2015, estábamos celebrando el cumpleaños de mi novio, así que le compré un pastel de chocolate con fresas y luego fuimos al juego de béisbol; el cumpleaños fue en miércoles, así que festejamos hasta el sábado.

OMG!, that chocolate cake was awesome, it had all kind of crushed chocolates and strawberrys over the top; so I only used a stamp by Take 10 Kits, puffy stickers and enamel dots to decorate it. The white card with the quote is from Studio Calico.

OMG!, les juro que ese pastel estaba increíble, tenía todo tipo de chocolates aplastados y fresas arriba; así que solo decoré la foto con un sello de Take 10 Kits, puffy stickers y enamel dots. La tarjeta blanca de enseguida es de Studio Calico.

On the middle card, I’ve put my journaling (written with my typewriter of course), and I layered small things to create a cluster. And I did the same in the 6 x 4’’ final photo.

La tarjeta del medio la usé para poner mi journaling (obviamente con mi máquina de escribir), y puse algunos adornitos en capas para hacer un clúster, al igual que en la foto de abajo.


Thanks for stopping by :)
Gracias por visitarme :)


domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


Hey everyone!, a new month means new projects, right?, so today I wanted to share with you another layout from my Project Life 2015, but this time I made a 6 x 12'', as I've said I love to mix different sizes of page protectors, and I even like to mix my Project Life album with traditional scrapbooking.  One of the things I like the most of Project Life and Scrapbooking is that, for me, it doesn't have to be perfect, I don't follow any rules, my albums are monthly instead of weekly and I just put what a like, that way is less stressful and it lets me to move faster (I know I'm a little behind but I prefer to live and then document my life).

This layout is from October 2015, I love baseball, so the first picture is from our new stadium.  In the end of the season 2014-2015, they demolished the old stadium and built a new one from zero, very impressive.

Hola!, nuevo mes, nuevos projectos, verdad?, así que hoy quiero compartirles otro layout de mi Project Life de Octubre 2015, esta vez hice uno 6 x 12'', como he mencionado antes, me gusta intercalar diferentes tamaños de fundas o incluso mezclo Project Life y Scrapbook tradicional. Una de las cosas que más me gustan del Project Life o del Scrapbook es que ma ha ayudado a que no todo tiene que ser perfecto, no me permito tener reglas, pongo solo las fotos que me gustan, no lo hago semanalmente, sino mensual y por eso para mi resulta más fácil y menos estresante, además avanzo más rápido (se que estoy un poco retrasada pero trato de vivir lo más que puedo y después documentar lo que pasó).

Este layout es de Octubre del 2015, me encanta el beisbol, así que la primer foto es del nuevo estadio que construyeron para el equipo local.  Al final de la temporada 2014-2015, demolieron  el estadio viejo y construyeron de cero este estadio, muy impresionante la verdad.

For this card, I've only used a black and white polka dot washi tape, a wood veneer littly heart and a plastic ticket from Studio Calico. 

Para esta tarjeta, solo usé washi tape de lunares en blanco y negro, una maderita de corazón y un ticket de plástico, todo de Studio Calico.

As you can see, my embellishments are very simple, on this card I've just put a chipboard and a little journaling I've wrote on my typewriter and then cut into stripes, love how the stripes with journaling looks.  I use a lot of pictures on my layouts and I like to put a small embellishment on each one.

Como pueden ver, mis adornos son muy simples, en esta carta solo usé un chipboard y un poco de journaling que escribí en mi máquina y que luego corté en tiras, me gustan mucho como se ven las tiras con journaling.  Uso muchas fotos en mis layouts y me gusta ponerles un pequeño adorno a la mayoría.

Thanks for stopping by :) 
Gracias por visitarme :)