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How to start a Project Life album (Step by step - Part 1)

¡Hello everybody! I’m close to finish my 2015 Project Life Album (already in November Woohoo), so it’s time to plan my next Project, I’ve decided to document the whole process right here, maybe it will inspire some new Project Lifers to start their own album.  When I was starting with Project Life, I didn’t know anything and I was so confused cause all of the things I saw on internet.

Before Project Life, I’d never done scrapbooking and today I’ve made 3 full albums, so I have my own tips and tricks to keep me in track, which I want to share with you, the most important one is that in Project Life there are no rules, well the only one is to have fun while doing it, but that’s simple!

My fourth album will be a gift for my boyfriend, due to our first anniversary together. I’ve never done an album as a gift, the fun part is that my boyfriend doesn’t even know that I do Project Life (I’m sure he doesn’t know what Project Life is, hahahaha), every time he asks me “what are you doing?” I answer “a surprise”, so he stops asking questions and just laugh. 
Before starting, it’s important for me to say, that these steps are how I make my albums, I don’t know if there’s a correct way to start a Project Life album, but this way has been functional for me in my past projects. 

STEP 1. Planning

First things first right? So every time I start a project, I plan and see what I have to start it, define what I want and my motivation.  For this specifically project I want a chronological album from the first date my boyfriend and I had to our anniversary, something like a journal of our year together. I don’t have lots of photos, so I’ve decided that I will tell the story in those cases; of course my motivation is that I want to surprise him, as I said, he doesn’t know I do project life and of course he doesn’t know anything about this blog, believe me, this has been soooooo difficult, sometimes I’ve been close to tell him, because I don´t like to keep secrets, but this is for a good cause, right?.  It will be fun when he reads these posts.

STEP 2. Choosing sizes

As I’ve said, I don´t have pictures for everything but I’m going to journal what I think was important for us, so I think a 12 x 12’’ album is too big for this project, that’s why this time I’ve decided for a 9 x 12’’ from Studio Calico; I’ve already ordered and the page protectors too. I chose blue because it’s my favorite color and I think he’s also going to like it.

 Well, those are my first steps for project life for beginners , I’m going to be posting the other steps as I move forward with this project, so stay tune. Next time I will be taking about how I organize my photos and journaling, and how I print them. 

Please let me know if you have any comment and thanks for stopping by. 


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