jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

How to start a Project Life Album (Step by Step - Part 2)

¡Hello everyone! A new month has started and so does my new project, I haven’t finished (YET) my 2015 project life album, but as I’ve said, it’s time to plan my next project.

So today, I wanted to continue with the series “How to start a Project Life Album”.  On the last post (click here to see it), I told you about the planning and choosing sizes (those are my first two steps to start an album), and here’s my third step and probably the most important one.

 STEP 3. What should I put on my Project Life Albums?

Absolutely, this question depends on the purpose of your Project Life, for example on my personal Project Life, my life is documented monthly, with special events, occasions or inserts with traditional scrapbooking, because I do not have enough time to do it weekly. But the album I’m starting right now is going to be a gift for my boyfriend, so I want to document our first year together.

The tricky part is that I don’t have photos of everything, in fact I sometimes forget to take pictures, so what I’m planning to do is to put the pictures I have and for the times I don´t have a picture but I still want to document an specific story or event, I will write about it, as if I were telling him the story of our life. 

Obviously, I want to make this album chronologically, from the time we start hanging out until our anniversary (I hope this blog help me to finish on time HAHAHAHA)

With the help of my planner, I’ve selected the moments and photos I want to include on this album, so now, I have a huge and chronological list of how the things happened, and for some cases, the journaling already written. I also have an album on my iPhone where I store the edited pictures that I need to print (I promise I will talk more of how I select, edit and print my photos on the next post of this series)
And you may ask, why is this step so important? Well, for me project life is to document my life, so I do not like to put a ton of embellishments and I try to focus on the photos and the stories, because at the end, those photos and stories will bring me a memory not the embellishment.

Thank for reading this if you have any comment please let me know.


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