jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

How to start a Project Life Album (Step by Step - Part 3)

Ok, I’ve been talking about how I start my project life albums, first of all I plan and focus on what I have and what I need, after that and if is an special occasion I select the size of the album, because for my regular project life, I’ve always used 12 x 12’’, I love taking pictures and I like to put a lot of them in my album, that’s the thing I’ll be wanting to see when I get old.

So today it’s time to talk about how I organize my photos.  I already have a post where I talk about how I print my photos, so you can check it clicking HERE.

STEP 4. Organizing my photos

All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, that way it’s easier for me to organize them while I’m waiting for something or someone, or even before going to bed.

For this special project that I’m working on right now, I’ve created an album on my iPhone where I store the photos I need to print.  I almost never edit them, but I create collages to print 3 x 4’’, in an app called “Pic Stitch”, this is how I do it: 

First, I select this design:

 Then I click at the bottom part where says “aspect and choose 4 x 6’’, It will look like this:

I don’t like borders; so next thing is to erase them with the second upper button (the one with stripes):

Then I click in the middle of my design and select 2 photos.

After, drag the photos into frames and rotate them; on the right side of each photo will appear a pencil where you can do it (IF YOU PRINT WITH A CANON SELPHY, ON THIS PART DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE SIDE YOU CARE LESS AT THE BORDER, OTHERWISE, YOU WILL CUT A PART OF THE PHOTO YOU WANT TO HAVE).

Then export the photo to your camera roll and that’s it.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have any doubt do not hesitate to ask me.