martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

My mojo is back!

What do you do when you're out of 'mojo'?, that happened to me during the last 6 months of 2016 and of course, now I'm a year and 2 months behind (ugh)... I'm trying to not stressed me out about this, so I'm working on my own time, with the things I have and I've decided to do some things different this time.

Last year I made a Project Life album as a gift for my boyfriend, due to our first anniversary, the good part of this is that he loved it but the bad part is that I couln't start my 2016 project life album on time, because I was working on the other album, which I finished on October 2016, and after that I was a little bit tired of memory keeping, simply because I've never had a due date to complete an album, like this time, that was very stressful for me, so I needed to take a break.

Besides, it came the time when everybody gets married, the baseball season, christmas and all the christmas parties that go with it, so I decided just to enjoy everything and document later.
But now is "later", so the first question that pop up to my mind was "with which album should I start?", 2016 or 2017 or both. After a few days thinking I decided to do both #OMG

And here are my reasons or how am I going to acomplish it:

1. During this time without project life, I've been watching process videos on YouTube or scrolling down into Pinterest just for fun, but I realized that the main reason I do project life is that I enjoy going back and read my stories and see my photos, I don´t remember the pretty embellishments, instead I remember how I felt before, what was am I doing, with whom, etc, so this time I'm going to focus on the story.

2. I've never worked on two projects at the same time, so this is another challenge for me. In order to focus on the story, it has to be fresh to try to document every single tiny detail, so I will work on my 2017 album first and then on my 2016, for example, now I'm almost eleven weeks behind on my 2017 album, (even though I do monthly), my idea is to start working on march and go backwards at the same time 2016 and 2017.

3. Not everything is lost, despite I haven't done a layout lately, I have albums on my iPhone with all of my pictures of 2016 and 2017, some of them are edited or even printed.

4. I will put my progress on this blog, in order to make it real and stay motivated.

Yesterday I made my cover page for my 2016 project life album, it is quite simple and that's exactly what I love of it.

I don't have lots of cards, so I made these 3 using stamps, stazon ink and white cardstock, I really enjoyed it, definitely I'll be making more or transforming the ones I own, because I don't like corners rounded anymore.

What do you think of my method?, will work for you?, I'll let you know my progress :)